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Statement by Ichiro Ozawa and Taro Yamamoto, Co-President

Statement on the launch of ‘The People’s Life Party & Taro Yamamoto and Friends’

The People’s Life Party’ and ‘Taro Yamamoto and Friends’ share the same political mission of establishing an opposition force to confront the LDP-Komeito coalition government, and achieving a change of government which will realise the transformation to citizen-orientated politics. We also hold the same viewpoint on key policies such as eliminating social disparities, abolishing nuclear power, and strengthening regional sovereignty. On December 26 2014, both political groups agreed to join together as one party to effectively communicate this message inside and outside of the Diet, and to broaden public support and understanding for our policies. From now on, we will focus all our attention on realising politics that put ‘People’s Lives First’. We would like to ask for the continued support and encouragement of the Japanese people in this endeavour.

Ichiro Ozawa, President

Why did we decide to join forces with the People’s Life Party? To put it simply, there were three reasons:
1. To learn political techniques from Ichiro Ozawa, who is well-versed in both the front and back stage aspects of the Japanese Diet.
2. To join a party that fulfills the legal requirements for a political party, so as to increase our ability to communicate our political message, and to expose irrationalities and political obfuscation through appearances in the media and Diet committees.
3. To enable the People’s Life Party to remain registered as a political party, and prevent a party that firmly states its opposition to the rampant behaviour of the Abe administration from being disbanded.
Through still young I have been bold enough to accept the post of joint party president. I intend to work even harder than before. I hope that you will all lend us your support.

Taro Yamamoto, President

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