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Politics has power to forge our nation’s future. We, the members of People’s Life Party strive to establish a “society of harmonious co-existence” where independent individuals live according to the principles of freedom and fairness and those with varied and diverse values hold each other in mutual respect. We aim to revitalize and transform the structure of Japan’s politics, administration, economy, and society, by maintaining the principles of “The Peoples’ Lives First”. We seek to realize a nation where people can restore and realize their hopes & dreams for the future and in so doing are proudly able to lead, safe, secure & stable lives based on the ideals of “independence and coexistence”.

We wholeheartedly affirm and accept the preamble of the Constitution, which states “Government is a sacred trust of the people, the authority for which is derived from the people, the powers of which are exercised by the representatives of the people, and the benefits of which are enjoyed by the people”. Having received from the People the authority and obligation to take the initiative in politics, we of the People’s Life Party hereby declare:

In holding with the principles of the Constitution of Japan, People’s Life Party believes that duly elected representatives in the National Diet hold the authority and bear the responsibility to pursue political initiatives, to ensure that the policies of government must benefit the people, and that policy commitments must be faithfully and honorably accomplished.

The Three Principles

We must act in strict and genuine accordance with three fundamental principles when we pursue the goals of “People’s Life First”.

I. Sovereignty of the People
Information must be accessible to the people in the place where their sovereignty   resides. It is impermissible for the government, bureaucrats, corporate enterprises, or other organizations to suppress and monopolize information in the name of public welfare. To this end, the duly elected Representatives in the National Diet must take the political initiative to prevent an illusory democracy and achieve a government led by the people.

II. Sovereignty of Local Governments
Each region of Japan has an unbroken lineage of history, culture, and lifestyle. We must pursue town and community building and development, allowing each community to maintain its independence and fairness to its people and to enjoy the benefits of industry and conveniences of everyday life. We will therefore pursue fundamental reform of our system of government as it pertains to ties between the national and local governments.

III. Sovereignty as a Nation
It is evident that no individual or local region can thrive without the support of an independent nation. Further, national prestige will be forfeit when the human rights of the people are violated and national security is undermined. To establish a truly sovereign state and maintain Japan’s national prestige, we must carefully consider factors including national security, culture, education, science and technology, economics, finance, and diplomacy.

Based on the concept of a symbiotic and harmonious relationship with other nations, ethnic groups, and cultures, as well as with nature, our party encourages everyone, regardless of gender, age, or occupation, to participate wholeheartedly in activities that promote the peace and sustainable prosperity of the world.

It is our duty to bring about an era where all people can be proud of their nation, a nation which contributes to the history of humanity and towards the universal aim of peace and prosperity.

Party Officials


Ichiro Ozawa
Taro Yamamoto

Vice President

Ryo Shuhama
Ryoko Tani

Secretary General

Denny Tamaki

Chair of Diet Affairs Committee

Denny Tamaki

Chair of Policy Research Council

Taro Yamamoto

Chair of Election Committee

Ichiro Ozawa

Chair of Finance Committee

Koji Sato

Executive Secretary

Tomotaro Kawashima

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