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Four core policies

Politics should be about protecting people’s livelihoods.
People’s Life Party aims to comprehensively change Japan and to build a society led by the people and by communities.
We aim to raise disposable household income and increase personal consumption by growing regional industries, creating employment and expanding the social safety net.
We will build a country that protects people’s lives, livelihoods and communities.

People’s Livelihoods Our first priority is maximizing household income

  • We will suspend increases in consumption tax that directly affect people’s livelihoods. In order to achieve solid economic recovery, we will stimulate growth in personal consumption, which accounts for 60% of Japan’s GDP. The first step to achieve this is increasing household income.
  • The first step to increasing household income is to stabilize employment by preventing the growth of irregular employment.
  • We will change the tax system to make it easier for corporations to increase wages.
  • People’s Life Party will also establish a new system of child-rearing support vouchers, make sure high school is completely free and introduce a new system of subsidized scholarships in order to ensure that all young people have educational opportunities.
  • We will also integrate Japan’s various pension systems into a single system that includes an earnings-related pension system with a minimum guaranteed payment.

People’s Lives Abandoning nuclear power is the key to strategic growth

  • We will work rapidly to promote new sources of energy including advanced thermal power generation technology, solar power, wind power, biomass power and methane hydrate
  • In communities currently hosting nuclear power stations, we will encourage the reactor decommissioning business and new sources of power, using the shift away from nuclear power to stimulate the regional economy and to generate employment.

Economic Growth Economic growth begins with communities, consumers, and small- and medium-sized businesses

  • We will devolve significant authority and financial resources to regional governments, creating new systems that allow regional authorities to make their own decisions on various matters, particularly medical care and caregiving.
  • These measures will reduce administrative waste, increase regional employment and stimulate regional economies.
  • We will implement comprehensive reforms to reduce utilities costs including the cost of highway tolls and electricity charges, thereby reducing expenditures for households and business. We will also work to build the infrastructure that the public really needs.
  • We will reduce the burden of buying a house through tax breaks for mortgages and other subsidies.

Peace of Mind We are vehemently against the TPP

  • People’s Life Party strongly opposes participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and will pursue free trade agreements (FTA) with individual countries.
  • We will increase Japan’s food self-sufficiency, improving Japan’s food security.
    We will ensure stability for farmers by enacting laws to implement systems such as the system of income subsidy for individual farming households.
  • We will protect people’s lives and livelihoods by preventing the erosion of Japan’s public health care system.
  • We will maintain the post office savings (yucho) and insurance (kanpo) systems which are assets of the Japanese people.

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