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List of Policies

I The Constitution

We will uphold the basic principles of the Constitution that protect people’s lives, livelihoods and preserve peace

1.Upholding Article 96, the current procedures for amending the Constitution
2.Newly reformed human rights regulations
3.Exercising the right of self-defense under the principles of pacifism
4.Active participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Activities
5.Strengthening the ability of the Diet to oversee the actions of government
6.Clarifying central government and regional government authority
7.Preparing legal regulations for dealing with national emergencies

II Government Finances / Diet

Creating a Society Led by the Regions
1.A major shift away from centralized power towards a regionally devolved nation
2.Establishing the right to overwrite laws with ordinances
3.Reducing wastage through the payment of a unified regional subsidy
4.Freezing the consumption tax rise
5.Securing financial resources through modifying the budget structure and reforming the special account
6.Banning the practice of “descent from heaven” and appropriately harnessing the talents of civil servants
7.Automatically adjusting for differences in the power of one vote

III Economics

Increasing National Income and Creating an Affluent Society
1.Increasing disposable household income by 50%
2.Promoting a new deal for regional economies
3.Comprehensive reforms to reduce highway tolls and electricity costs
4.Reduced taxation on mortgages, support for the development of “smart houses” and robust, energy-conserving homes
5.Measures to support and revitalize small- and medium-sized businesses
6.Accelerating recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
7.Opposing the TPP and promoting economic partnerships that are in Japan’s national interest

IV Energy and the Environment

Creating a Sustainable Society Through a Nation That Leads the Way in New Energy Sources
1.Completely abandoning the restart and new construction of nuclear power stations
2.Establishing three principles for abolishing nuclear power
3.Early abolition of nuclear power through promoting measures including advanced thermal power generation
4.Creating a resource-rich state through the promotion of new sources of sustainable energy and undersea energy resources
5.Creating a society with decentralized energy systems through the separation of power generation and power transmission
6.Implementing thorough government-led measures to decontaminate irradiated areas

V Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Upholding Public Confidence in a Safe Food Supply while Protecting Individual Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Operators
1.Aiming to achieve complete food self-sufficiency
2.Ensuring food safety
3.Implementing legal frameworks for a system of subsidies for individual farming households
4.Promoting the development of agriculture as the sixth industry sector
5.Supporting agricultural, forestry and fisheries businesses wishing to enter the sustainable energy industry
6.Promoting reform of agricultural cooperatives
7.Promoting sustainable forestry and fisheries

VI Social Insurance and Employment

Creating a society based on mutual aid and cooperation without income disparity
1.Creating an employment safety net
2.Preventing the relaxation of restrictions on employment termination
3.Strengthening anti-poverty measures
4.Integrating the pension system
5.Establishing a basic law for medical treatment in Japan’s regions
6.Providing more comprehensive medical and caregiving services
7.Support for challenged people

VII Raising the Birth Rate, Equal Participation, Education, Science and Technology

Building a Society in which Everyone can Participate
1.Measures to increase the birth rate and provide support for child-rearing
2.Upholding the free provision of high school education
3.Promoting measures to prevent bullying
4.Support for working women
5.Further promotion of an equal opportunity society for both genders
6.Comprehensive reform of governmental administration of education
7.Guaranteeing the opportunity for all citizens to receive higher education
8.Improving the environment for advanced research facilities

VIII Diplomacy and National Security

Active Steps to Create Peace
1.Establishing a true Japan-US “partnership”
2.Promoting cordial relationships with Japan’s neighbors
3.Early resolution of the abduction issue
4.Restricting the right of self-defense to prohibit preemptive strikes
5.Active participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Activities
6.Taking the lead in denuclearization
7.Promoting citizen-led diplomacy

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