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Political Principles
In politics, We have always aimed to create a society based on mutual respect and coexistence in which autonomous individuals with a diverse range of values are guided by the ideals of freedom and fairness while respecting and recognizing the rights of others. In practice, this means creating a society in which, based on the principles of autonomy and coexistence, people can live comfortable, safe and stable lives with hope for the future and pride in their endeavors. To achieve this, We believe that we must stick to the principle of putting peoples’ lives first, and work to comprehensively change Japan by overhauling our political, administrative, economic and social systems to prioritize the protection of people’s lives, livelihoods and communities.

The Constitution has served as a signpost for the rebuilding and development of Japan’s postwar society and, by ensuring that all laws are based on the four fundamental principles of the sovereignty of the people, respect for basic human rights, pacifism and international cooperation, the Constitution has made a major contribution to supporting each individual citizen and protecting lives, livelihoods and maintaining peace. The basic principles of the Constitution have a universal value that we should still strive to protect. However, while maintaining the fundamental philosophy and principles of the Constitution, we can, if we can build consensus among the people, partially modify or add to the Constitution in response to the demands of the times with regard to matters such as participation in United Nations peacekeeping activities, the Diet, the cabinet and the judiciary, the relationship between central and local government, and also the issue of responding to national emergencies.

Furthermore, in order to protect regional communities, we need to comprehensively revise the current system of centralized power, devolving significant authority and financial resources to the regions, creating systems that allow local authorities to decide what is best for their own communities. The current administration is worsening Japan’s economic disparities, which are among the widest in the world, and result from failed policies by the Koizumi government and the first Abe government. In order to protect people’s livelihoods, We believe that we need not only to freeze the rise in consumption tax and prevent government wastage, but also to invest in public works only on the principle of putting people’s lives first, implement appropriate regulatory reform, and increase disposable household income through income redistribution.

At the same time, in order to protect people’s lives, we need to radically change our energy policy, refuse to permit the restart of nuclear power stations or the construction of new nuclear power stations, and completely abandon nuclear power by 2022 at the latest. In addition to encouraging the use of high-efficiency thermal power stations as immediate replacements for nuclear power, we are also committed to promoting the local production and local consumption of energy resources through the use of sustainable energy sources such as solar power, wind power and geothermal power in addition to undersea resources such as methane hydrate. This will allow us to contribute to regional economic growth and the creation of regional employment, as Japan becomes a leading country in the field of new energy by adopting a growth strategy based on phasing out nuclear power.

In addition to these measures, we will also rebuild Japan’s social security, employment and training systems so as to provide women with the opportunity to harness their talents, children with a healthy environment in which to grow up, young people with the opportunity to work and elderly people with peace of mind. These measures would allow citizens to enjoy comfortable, safe and stable livelihoods. We aim to allow citizens and regions to enjoy a healthy autonomy, creating a society based on mutual respect and coexistence.

These measures will allow Japan to become truly independent as a nation and contribute through diplomacy to global peace and stability. This is the nation-building our party aims to achieve as we continually put People’s Life First.

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